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So like I mentioned on the other page I want you to be a safer smarter pilot

You’ve seen the YouTube videos, Online Ground School, and other products all with the simply intent of inspiring and educating you. That’s my honest mission in life – “To Create Safer/Smarter Pilots”

I also realize that some of my most loyal following may not always be able to invest in my products.. So I want to give you my product for FREE!

But I need your help first… okay?

Like I said my mission is to create Safer/Smart Pilots. Thus the phrase you hear me say all the time “A Good Pilot is Always Learning”

I’m able to accomplish this mission mainly through my blog and YouTube channel. The more people that know about Jason Schappert and the safer and smarter our skies get.

I need your help reaching those people…

Does this sound fair to you?

You help me and your motivated friends by sharing the “Always Learning” mission… and I’ll help you by sending you a free copy of my new book. Cool?

Here’s what I need you to do:

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Use your cell phone, webcam, or any other video recording device to make a short video.

What should you make your video about?

I’m glad you asked :)

The title of your video should be: “ Helped Me ___________”

In that blank you could say “Pass my checkride” “Land Better” “Improve My Steep Turns” Whatever one of my videos has helped you with in your flight training… You’re going to put that in the blank spot above for the video title.

In your video simply say: “Hi my name is (your name) and I’d like to share a story about how helped me __________”

Then just tell your story.

At the end of your video simply invite and encourage everyone watching to check out by clicking the links in the video description.

Step 3: Upload your video to your YouTube Channel and be sure it’s set to PUBLIC so others can see it

Do make sure the video title reads “ Helped Me ___________”

Also please copy and paste the follow text and links just as you see them below to the YouTube Description box YouTube Channel:

Visit The MzeroA Blog:

Step 4: Post this video to any social media site you’re on (Facebook, Twitter etc…)


Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, with the proper title plus links in the description like above, and shared it with your friends… Email your YouTube link to me to be verified (link to email below) and I’ll send you a copy of the book ASAP.

When You’re ready to send that link CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME

I can’t wait to watch your video!

I hope we can meet up someday!